Partenerul nostru, editura Curtea Veche ne-am facut surpriza de a sponsoriza un nou concurs in cadrul "Maratonului de concursuri" ! De data aceasta vom avea ca premiu o agenda si o gentuta cu coperta cartii "Povestile unei inimi", dupa cum puteti vedea si in fotografie.

 Ce trebuie sa faceti pentru a castiga? Nimic mai mult decat un comentariu lasat la postare, in care spuneti ce inseamna iubirea pentru voi. Cateva argumente exprimate in cuvinte, iar cel mai convingator si mai expresiv raspuns va fi ales. Mult succes!

Lasati va rog si o adresa de mail la care sa va contactez daca veti castiga.

Durata concursului: 19 septembrie -  29 septembrie. Castigatorafisat pe 30. 

Am si uitat de ele! Bun, deci sa va arat ce am citit si ce nu:

1)Jocurile foamei de Suzanne Collins
2)Sfidarea de Suzanne Collins
3)Revolta de Suzanne Collins
4)Sovaire de Maggie Stiefvater
5)Spulbera-ma de Tahereh Mafi
6)Tradarea de P.C.Cast si Kristin Cast
7) Aleasa de P.C.Cast si Kristin Cast
8)Elixirul vietii de Kenneth Oppel
9)Academia vampirilor de Richelle Mead
10)Initierea de Richelle Mead
11)Banchetul nebunilor de Rachel Caine
12)Elixirul vietii de Kenneth Oppel
12)Experimentul angel de James Patterson
13)Marele Nate. Intaiul intre pusti de Lncoln Pirece
14)Jurnalul unui pusti de Jeff Kinney 
 15) la sfarsit a mai ramas cosmarul de Oliviu Craznic
16)Daca ti-as sune ca te iubesc ar trebui sa te omor de Aly Carter
17)Pe cuvant de spioana de Ally Carter
18)Povestile unei inimi de Diana Florina Cosmin
19) The Crescent by Jordan Deen
20) Acidalia by Khelsey Jackson 
21) Half moon by Jordan Deen
22)A 16-a luna de Kami Garcia si Margaret Stohl 
23)Legaminte de Ally Condie

Lecturi pentru scoala:

1)Baltagul de Mihail Sadoveanu
2)Rosu de rubin de Kerstin Geyr
3)Verde de smarald de Kerstin Gier
4)Cismigiu and Company de Grigore Bajenaru
5)Albastru de safir de Kerstin Gier

CONCLUZIE: Mi-am propus sa citesc 28 de carti, dintre care am citit 27, aceea pe care nu am terminat-o de citit fiind "A-16 a luna" de Kami Garcia si Margaret Stohl. Ei, este bine si 27 de carti, nu? 

 Voi v-ati indeplinit obiectivele?

 Madison Daniel is the author of "Ember". Thank you for the interview and hpe you liked to to it !
1. I know that this is the question that every writer hates, but everyone always asks: How do you get inspired? From where do you get your ideas?

MD: Music is my biggest inspiration. My dreams and wicked imagination are the breeding ground for most of my writing.

2. What did you always want to be? How do you decided to be a writer? At what age do you decided you want to be a writer?

MD: A musician and artist. I sing, I paint, I write. It’s just in my blood. I decided that writing was a profession I’d embrace about 4 years ago.

3. How do you keep on staying motivated? I know that to write a book it’s a really hard work, so how could you continue this work?

MD: The readers and fans have been a fantastic motivation for me. On those days, when the last thing I feel like doing is writing, my stalkers give me strength. :)

4. I know that your books have a great story, so how did you decide that you wanted to write fantasy? When did you begin to write this book? In what year did you begin and how long did this book take to write?

MD: I just write what I feel, whether it is fantasy or romance or horror. Ember was written in the summer of 2008. It took about 3 weeks to finish the first version. It came out of me quickly!

5. Your book has extraordinary characters. Where do you start a book, with plot, characters or dialogue?

MD: I usually write a scene. Something emotional and heavy and then let the story unfold from there. I also design characters on paper, in illustrations and give them full backgrounds and stuff.

6. Where do you write? Do you write with music, or do you have something that help you to have imagination?

MD: I write wherever I can. If an idea hits me, I scribble it down in my notebook I always have with me. Or I type up the idea on my iPad or iPhone. Music is usually around while I do one or the other. Most of the time, music is what has inspired me to write down the newest idea.

7. How was your life at 13 years? Did you keep a diary? It was a special notebook or just an ordinary notebook? You decorated it, or you have draws in it? How was the cover?

MD: 13 was an awkward stage. I had just started writing and singing in a band. I have plenty of old notebooks of song lyrics and comic book ideas. No official diaries though. I like to think that those old songs read like a diary though. :)

8. What books did you read between 12-18 years? What was your favorite?

MD: Sadly, I wasn’t much of a reader until I was 18 or so. I read a handful of sci-fi stories and a couple Stephen King books. He has always been my favorite author.

9. Do you like your new writer life? Is it beautiful, or how much did your life change from the moment you published your books?

MD: Things have been a blast since I published my books. I love it. I have met some amazing people. Found possible life long friends. I wake up everyday ready to face the next challenge. I hope to be published in Romania soon! Fingers crossed!

10. What advice do you have for teen writers?

MD: Read as much as you can. Study your favorite authors, musicians and actors. Write whenever you can. Trust your words and surround yourself with honest, caring people. Avoid the negative ones.

11. When is your birthday? And how old are you?

MD: My birthday is in July, I am a Cancer sign. My age is a secret...for now. Hahaha. :)

12. What is your favorite quote?

MD: Hmmm... “Music is LIFE & the written word is our SOUL.”

Thank you very much for the interview! What message do you have for your fans in Romania?

MD: Thank you!!! This was fun. I hope we can do this again. To all the Romanian readers and people: I LOVE YOU ALL!!! You have been so encouraging and supportive of my writing, I owe you so much. I hope to meet some of you one day on a future, international book tour. Until then...shine on! You rock my world! ~ M