I`ve got this book from Lexi George in exchange for a honestly review. Demon hunting in the deep south was a book kinda okay. It wasn`t the best, but not awful. It vas just OK. Evie Douglas is the main character in "Demon hunting in the deep south". She`s a beautiful women, with long red hair, and beautiful body. She lives in Hannah.

 All her familiy died, so the only persons with who she's speaking and spend time are Addy, her energic, brave and funny BFF and her familiy. Right now, Evie's heart is broken. She doesn't know why, but she's sad. She feels a big goal in her soul.

One day, she find Meredith, at job, she find her dead.
Meredith is the bad character in the hole story. Even if she is dead, as ghost she`s soooo evil!

Meredith accuse, before dying, Evie of having an affair with Trey, her husband. Always bulled by Mer, Evie tried to stay under radar and keep away from troubles.
Okay, so now, that she's found dead in Evie's office, everyone accuse Evangeline to be the killer. More, the murder weapon is found in Evie's car, so the proves are obvious. The history is changing when Ansgar - beautiful, a super- demon - hunter re-appears. Evie seems to be (from the first view) in love with him. But again, the story don't finish right now! It's more complicated.

The strange feeling, like they've had met before hunt Evie, and she finds out that she has been Ansgar girlfriend a few monts ago, before she's been changed in a Demon Hunter, before she couldn't see the fairies, before everything changed. The point is that she falls - again - in love for Ansgar. Evie's nervous. She is accused for murder, and go for 1 day to jail, but her caution is payed. Guess from who? Trey! More, Evie found ut that Meredith, as ghost, still hunt her, but she can't hurt EVie. Maybe just with worlds. From now the real story can begin. This was just the plot. If you continue reading, you'll find out a new word. I enjoyed that a lot.

Lexy knows how to make people to be scared, or in love, or happy,during this book. I loved that a lot. More and more, I didn't enjoyed at all that the part of story - with the murder and the research for the real killer - is kinda abandoned, and it's speaking a lot about Evie and Ansgar relationship. When "Mullet woman" aka Nicole appears, I begun being soooo bored. With her creepy dog, she didn't realized just to bore me. It was, in my opinion, a wrong character. Again, the scenes with Nicole disappointed me. I don't know why "Mullet woman" is present in such a beautiful story.

If I have to rate this book, I'll give a 3 by 5. It wasn't the best, honestly. At the beginning, the description and the action were perfectly placed, but around page 250 it was more boring then beautiful. Evie find herself ugly, she don't trust in her powers. Again, I didn't found true love between Ansgar and Evangeline. It was something OK, but not the most honest and the one that will broke your heart of happiness. Lenora, by the way, is a gorgeous and a super character! She's the girlfriend of Addy's brother, and she's funny, lovely and beautiful, and solitaire. Loved her.

All together, it was a funny story, and I enjoyed it! If Evie's going to forget Ansgar for his mistakes, or if she's gonna be accused for murder...and more! You'll see during the book!

 Another ideea is that the main love between Evie and Ansgar wasn't, in my opinion, enough true love. Because I found more sexual attraction, and not true love. It's difficult to explain. I didn't read the first book, Demon hunting in Dixie, so I don't know anything about how their relationship evolued. The mystery of murder it's ok, but at one point. At the end, I already now the true. But this was what I was thinking, and I don't know if everybody through that.

Note: 3.5