Pana pe data de 8 septembrie, inclusiv, voi fi plecata plecata plecata! Ultima saptamana de vacatna, din fericire ovoi petrece departe de grijile de scoala dar, din bacate si de blogusor. Cum nu il impart cu nimeni, si nu am pe cine sa las sa se ocupe de el, in timpul asta nu voi mai posta.

 Insa, va dau un mic indiciu:
-cand ma intorcvom incepe marele maraton de concursuri!
-Ceea ce inseamna multe multe multe swaguri, carti in engleza si in romana, si miiiiiii de surprize! Doar pentru voi

Atunci, ne vedem in curand :)


Bagajul meu de mana are:

-"Povestile unei inimi"
-"Experimentul angel" de James Patterson
-"Half moon" de Jordan Deen
-mp4-ul meu cu poze, muzica si carti
-agenda mea super pretioasa, cu creatii, recenzii si alte chestii
-sticla apa


 Khelsey was so cute and gaved me an interview. Check it out:

I know that this is the question that every writer hates, but everyone always asks: How do you get inspired?From where do you get your ideeas?

KJ- I get most of my ideas when I am walking my dog, and in the shower.

What did you always want to be?How do you decided to be a writer?At what age do you decided you want to be a writer?

KJ- Growing up I wanted to be a police officer. I really didn’t want to be an author until 2 years ago. I was reading The Vampire Academy and thought I could do this. I was 22.

How do you keep on staying motivated?I know that to write a book its a really hard work,so how could you continue this work?

KJ- I take a lot of breaks. Sometimes the voices in my head won't talk to me, so I would read. Reading helps me when I can't write. Kallos is my largest book, about 253 pages and it took me a year to write.

I know that Acidalia is a great story, so how do you decided you want to write fantasy?When did you began to write this book?In what year did you began and how long this book take to be write?
KJ- After read Richelle Mead's series, and a bunch of other YA books I wanted to try. I have always been in love with gods and goddesses, so I wanted to write something with them in it. In January 2011 I started researching gods and goddess and began to write Kallos. Acidalia I wrote after I wrote Kallos. I sent Kallos to Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly April 17 2012. A month later I had an email saying they wanted Kallos.

Acidalia has extraordinary characters.Where do you start a book,with plot,characters or dialogue?
KJ- I let my characters speak for themselves. I know a lot of authors plan their books out, and I don’t. I like to leave it in their hands, and hope they play nice.

Where do you write?Do you write with music, or do you have something that help you to have imagination?

KJ- I write on my couch, and I write to music, I have my MP3 player's volume on the highest! Kallos and Acidalia were mostly written to 30 Seconds to Mars.

How was your life 13 years?Did you kept a diary?It was a special notebook or just an ordinary
notebook?You decorated it, or you have draws in it? How was the cover?.

KJ- At 13 I was shy and very boy crazy!! I tried to keep a diary but I couldn’t keep up with it. But it was pretty, the cover was pink with white flowers on it.

What books did you read between 12-18 years?What was your favorite?

KJ- I loved The Princess Diaries, and I just found out there are like 16 books in that series now.

Do you like your new writer life?Is it beautiful, or how much did your life changed from the moment you published Acidalia?

KJ- I love all the people I am meeting because of it. Another thing I love are the reviews!! I love knowing what people think of it. I cant wait for everyone to read Kallos.

What advice do you have for teen writers?

KJ- My advice is don’t give up, and if you love your story then keep at it. Let your friends and family read your story, and ask them what they think. I am lucky to have some amazing author friends that kept my spirits up when I sent my book in.

When is your birthday? And how old are you?

KJ- My birthday is April 17, and I am 24 years old.

What is your favorite quote?

KJ- We loved with a love that was more than love.
--Edgar Allan Poe

Thank you very much, you are incredible! What message do you have for your fans from Romania?

KJ- I hope you all enjoy Acidalia and Kallos. And thank you all for the love and email I am already getting.