I've got this book from Cameo Renae in exchange for a honestly review. I thinked, from the beginning, that this book is stunning. And guess what? She is.

Lizzy Hayes is the main character.

 I like Lizzy. She can be my alter ego.She's smart, beautiful, cute, brave and lovely. As character, it's good created. Elizabeth await Michael to come, to celebrate their 4th anniversary. But...Michael is late - so not Michael. Lizzy falls asleep, and she have a bizzare dream. When she woke up, a call annonce her the most evil thing in the word: Michael is dead. In a car accident.

 Cameo knows how to make the readers being captivated by the subject of book, living every moment near Liz and I loved that. More, Michael comes in Liz's dreams, and here the'll be a lot of beautiful moment, descriptions good placed, and I enjoyed that a lot. Next,  Liz reached a strange call from a bizzare man, and she founds out that Michael has been killer, that Tyler(his best friend) is involved, and that the killer is outside and he's coming for her...

    At the beginning, Liz isn't such a good friend with Em, but by the book, by the chapters, they become good friends. Liz's mom is a person who drinks a lot, and her father leaved them a long time ago for a younger person. So, the main character, even if don't thinks that she's strong, she's a lot.
She's also brave, and modest, and manny other thigs. The point is that I loved her much. Next, Michael is a good boy. He's beautiful, and loves Lizzy . I found true love between them, not just sexual attraction. It was sooo lovely .

    About the action, it was full of it. Really. It happened so many things that sometimes I was asking: "What can happen how? It's over! " And I was wrong. So, if you want a thriller story with ghosts, I recommend you this book. It was so full of action!

    Look why I gaved a 4.5 and not a 5.5 : because it wasn't something new about the skelet: a boy, murdered, and the killer comes for his girlfriend. And look why I gaved a 4.5 - it had so many unic moments!
      And I falled, me too, for Michael. And...I am asking if this book will have a next. 'Cuz if she has, is on my 2read list!

The evil character is good. I mean, not as good, a good person, I was saying that he's soo tupid and during the book I wanted to come inside and punch his idiot fce. I enjoyed the part when Lizzy is ost throught the woods, and Michael helps her, I was so curious of what is goining to hapen. Then, in her dreams, Liz have visions of it is going to happen, and that really rules! So cool. And, when she met Lucy, a medium, the story become a lot more intresting

 As debut, it was awsome I always watched movies with killers, and ghosts, but I've never read a book with those themes
    The part with the comunications between Michael and Liz through dreams was awsome! I dislike the books whe a person die, and the others can't contact him anymore. But right now, it's possible, and I've been stunned by Cameo's imagination sometiimes. It rules!
      I can't tell you more about the action because I'll spoiler, but you'll be surprised, definetly.

   I definetly recommend this book to everyone, and again, I loved her so much!

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Imi place recenzia ta! Felicitari pentru ca citesti in engleza. Mie mi se pare destul de dificil, stii, sa citesc in engleza in bravo tie!

Felicitari pentru recenzie! Foarte draguta, de altfel. Ma face sa vreau sa citesc cartea!

Am auzit numai lucruri bune despre aceasta carte si sunt foarte curioasa... O sa o citeeesc sigur.