I've got this book from Laura Bickle in exhange for a honestly review. Thank you very, very much! This story was really awsome.

  I must begun saying that the cover si a perfect combination with the plot. The girl with brown hair is Katie. She's on the verge of her Rumspringa, and that means that she can go Outside for while and decide if she wants to be baptized and live with plain folks or she'll live Outside.

   Plain folk is  a community, where Katie and her best friend, Elijah are living. I saw that Elijah's in love for K, but she doesn't really want to marry him or to be his girlfriend.

     At the beginning, everything seems OK, normal. Execpt maybe the ravens. But...Elijah's brothers, who're Outside are missing. And something happened. Something big. Why? Because everyone's missing from the Outside community. Just blood and creepy creatures. At start  I thought that the booko was about aliens. And that was kinda weird. When I founded out that's about vampires, I calmed down. There are no roomantic, beautiful vampires. Just evil. And this was different from other stories, and I enjoyed that. More, I was so scared during this book!  The vamps were really creepy.

     I didn't enjoyed by the book the missing of many descriptions. It's ok to have a book with a lot of action and to not bore the reader with description, but at leas two phrases, I need to know what's around the characters. The dialogues were good. Plain folks belive in God, and sometimes it was a bit to much faith. I mean, it's ok to belive in God, but sometimes it was to much. More, the contrast between light (God) and dark (vampires) was incredible.

     Ok, so next, the Bishop and the Elders announce that nowone's inside and no one's outside the gate. Me, I hated Bishop and the Elders. Such evil creatures, who are loving their powers, and don't care of others safety.
       Katie finds, that day, an Outsider, near the gate, who's hurt. The Elders wanted to kill hin, but Katie's pleases convince them to let him die by himself. Katie have a really big soul. She takes the boy and take care of him. Alex was his hame. I loved Alex. He was my favorite character. Lovely, brave and a good boy :)

         The story continues with Katie's fear for the vampires. OK, this proposition was completly wrong. If I ever met a brave character, the one is Katie! She's just so brave ! With the Hexenmeister's help(a witcher) she have at leat a chace to fight with with the vampires. First, she thinks that they weren't attacked because they have a sacred territory, but when the girl that she can't suffer inivite in the vamps... Elijah begun being a good friend, but he's turning into a bad one.

          If everyone will found out about Alex, and more about Katie's crush on him, and if the vampires will destroy everiything...well you'll find out by yourself reading this amaizing book! 

      I didn't enjoy the words in Germain. I don't know that language, so I didn't uderstood anything.

       I liked the character's evolution. And the suspence. It was full of suspence. Don't miss this book! You can't let it from your hand, really!

I'll give a four by five! 4/5

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