I wanted to read "Cicada" from the first second that I looked at her. I wanted to buy it, but I have not from where to, so I participated at Belle's giveaway on facebook. And guess what? I won! I was so happy! Three weeks later,"Cicada" was arriving to me, and I begun to read it. It took me so long because of school, and I haven't enought time to read.  But right now, I can say that this stunning book deserve to be read by everybody!

 Blair is the main character. She's sweet, strong, beautiful, a good friend and brave. I loved Blair. She and her friends, Andrew, her big brother, Natalie, David and Everett are very close to each other. I enjoyed that this story isn't a typical one, and that's it's complicated. Blair's father and brother died a few time ago. It's the beggining of summer, and she and her friends want to have fun, because when the school is going to begun, Blair will be kinda alone, her friends goining to college. 

   So...I isn't as safe as everyone thinks because they found a weird coccon, and it's complicated. The thing inside is a sort of alien, and the guys name him "Cicada". Everett fascination for bugs stunned me. He seems, at the beginning, the B-F-F guy type, but, during the book he became hot, beautiful, and you can't fall for him. Natalie is a secondary character. She's okay. David is her boyfriend. David seemed to me quite native, always purposing "Kill the Cicada", etc. Andrew is Blair's  brother and he's a kind of guy who seem to be who he's not, trying to be like his father and his brother, Aaron.

    In the dark woods, the kids are discovering a sort of alien, as I told, and Everett is taking this alien at his depository. The reseachs for the Cicada's origins continue, and the character's attention is catched by a big-weird building. I enjoyed a lot that the book is full of suspence. Is funny, lovely, antrenant and a quick read. I didn't get bored at all! I loved everything! My favorite character whas Blair, but I loved everyone.

    Again, I was stunned by Belle's way of writing. She's so good! And more, as person she's kind and sweet and love to speak with her fans.

"Cicada" is a good book. One of my best reads. I enjoyed more and more the way that the story is disposed, beginning with a antrenant plot, continuing with mystery, and finalizing with a explozive end. So antrenant!

About the love story, she's so sweet! So much drama and true love. I don't know what to say more...just: Cicada is a must to read for everyone! Loved it! Loved it!

This book have from me a : 5/5

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Frumoasa recenzie.^.^

I'm so honored that you read and reviewed "Cicada"! And even more so that you've featured the review on your gorgeous blog! <3 You are a sweetheart, and I'm so thankful for you!

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