I received this book in exchange for a honestly review from Jordan Deen. Thank you, Jordan! This book has been extraordinary, and I`m so happy that I had the beautiful occasion to read it!

"Half moon" was...wow. I don`t know what to say. At the begginig, I didn`t enjoyed Lacey. She was so petrifed, and unpowerfull and I just didn`t liked it. But, when she takes the problem in her hands...It`s a different story.

  Lacey Quinn, the girl who abandoned her first 17-years-old life, for living with her supposed soul mate, Brandon and the pack, is fighting with the frustration of not been fully-bonded, nor being able to transform. I was as frustratred as Lacey was. I enjoyed how Jordan makes so easy to live with her characters, to love with them and to be like a part of book.

  The main character is feautured at the begginig like in "The crescent", even if it passed six months. I liked that. The people are changing, yes, but I like to see them changing, not to tell me that it passed 1 year(let`s say) and she changed a lot-how I founded in other books.
    Next, she feel trapped in a house in mountains. And...she is. Michael, Brandon`s father and the Alpha, don`t let her in town, nor to spend a little time alone in Brandon. Everyday she has to make her chores, after a sesion with Serena, when she drinks horrible potions that should help her bond with Brandon. She dreamed to have 18 and to live in a beautiful house, run away of her parents and their fights but... not that way!

   There, her best friend is the 12 years-old Lily, who loves playing with Barbie dolls, and who`s mated with Matt, Brandon`s BFF. Lacey`s not happy at all. She begun to hate Brandon- always press her with the bonding and the crescent moon on their hands who`s not grovind anymore, and it`s faded.
    Also, she miss Alex, her first boyfriend. At the beginning I didn`t know what to say. I was thinking: OMG, this book is going to stay right here, in this horrible moment all the time? Yes, I trought that. And I was wrong!

    Alex is coming to visit Lacey in her dreams, like Brandon did. They are verry happy toghether, and I am Team Alex :) . Alex plain to found two very pourfull witches books to help Lacey to be mated with him, and not with Brandon. I enjoyed that point. The retail was quite intresting, and the next is better.
     In the camp nothing`s going well. Everytime Lace is thying to escape there`s a lot of arguing, but something help her a lot. I should say someone: it`s Brea, her guardian! I loved Brea-she`s funny, lovely, a good friend, and she helps a lot. With Catch, her soul mate, they make a perfect couple!

  More, Brea`s getting Lacey to her first home, from where she`s been kindapped, and where she founds her mother`s book.
    That moment was very important. From then, she find a spell that helps her (finnaly) transform.
   Still waiting for Alex to save her, Lace found out in her Ipod a weird flower that cursed here all the time, making her and Brandon not been fully bonded.

    Thant doesn`t means that she can be now fully bonded. It`s still a lot of speaking about. I really enjoyed how Jordan combines the witchery with all werewolf mysteryes. I enjoyed the character too, but I focused on Brandon, Lacey, Brea and sometimes Lily. More(again this word ! ) Matt is kidnapped. Lily is destroyed and cryies all the times.

   Okay, so now you know the plot. It`s a lot more complicated and I loved that. This story begun quite classy but she`s more than that. It`s  about true love, witchery, secrets, destiny and have a lot suspence and fantasy. You have to read-it! You have to fall for Brandon or for Alex, or both.  You have to know Lily and Brea!

     The book is wrote in an easy english, and it was cool! The suspence was more than good. I wanted Alex to be more present. I wanted to know more about Lacey`s parents, but I guess that this subjects are keept for " Full moon", the final book. What can I say without spoilering?
      "Half moon" is bettter than "The Crescent". It has a lot more actions, suspence and lovely characters. Even if Lacey`s parents or her ex-BFF isn`t present it`s good.

       The first chapters I almost hated Bradon. He seemed for me such an evil character!
       I saw also evolution-Lacey is more brave, more lovely and she makes more sacrifices!
        One more thing: I recommend you this one!


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Waa, ce draguta e imaginea aia! Intotdeauna mi-au placut cartile cu varcolaci, iar aceasta pare superba :).


@Dee - ti-o recomand! Mai mult,este intr-o engleza destul de usoara, suficient de accesibila tuturor!

Imi pare rau ca nu am putut sa vorbesc mai mult despre ea caci as fi umplut de spoilere recenzia.