I was a little surprised when I noticed that "Acidalia" have only 9 pages. BTW? I got this book for review from Khelsey Jackson, and you can buy it after 15 september 2012, when is her release. 

  It was a great beginning. I noticed too that this book will have a continuation, named "Kallos". It seemed a extraordinary book. And look what: I founded out that It`s about a love triangle, with two extraordinary boys, names Ian and Sean, that she has a main character who I liked how is speaking, thinking, who makes sacrifices! 

   I can say also that this little story makes me think that the next, that I can`t wait to read, is more intresting and have more suspence, and a love of mystery. It makes me put a lot of questions!

I enjoyed the athmosphere! It was great induced. You can see the author skill.
    Definetly, I enjoyed the way that Khelsey is writing.
    Just one think I didn`t like: why only 9 pages??? I want more!

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Va multumim pentru acest comentariu este uimitor!xoxox

Thank you very much, Khelsey!