1.I know that this is the question that every writer hates, but everyone always asks: How do you get inspired?From where do you get your ideeas? I get my ideas from life, by listening and watching everything. Ideas are all around, writers just pay attention and capture them.
2.What did you always want to be?How do you decided to be a writer?At what age do you decided you want to be a writer?.  I always wanted to be a teacher, which I accomplished, and I taught for twelve years. I loved teaching with the deepest of passions. I am, however, a restless soul and I love change, so after writing my first novel, I reluctantly left education to pursue becoming a published author.

3.How do you keep on staying motivated?I know that to write a book it`s a really hard work,so how could you continue this work?
I stay motivated because I love to write. Yes, it is very hard, but the thrill of creating characters and their stories overpowers the difficulty. Always.
4. Do you write with music? I need complete silence while writing a first draft. But I have a family, a family that makes noise, so sometimes I’m forced to listen to music. While writing a first draft I can only have classical music. While revising I usually turn to Coldplay or Radiohead.
5.Where do you write?
In my office, which is all windows. It’s a spectacular space, and I’m lucky to sit in it.
6.How was your life when you were teenager?Did you kept a diary?It was a special notebook or just an ordinary notebook?You decorated it, or you have draws in it? How was the cover? I did keep a diary, and I still have every diary and journal I’ve ever written. Every once in a while I’ll go back and read through one of my journals – my eighth grade diary is THE BEST – all I wrote about was how I wanted my boyfriend to kiss me longer than two seconds. It’s hilarious.
7.I know that my rumainian teacher always tell me that in every story is an essence or kernel of true.Is she right? She may be. I know I infuse lots of tiny kernels of real life into my fiction. I would suspect I’m not alone. It’s kind of impossible not to put sayings, moments, memories into a piece of fiction.
8.What books did you read at my age, or between 12-18 years?What was your favorite? I absolutely loved FOREVER by Judy Blume and JACOB HAVE I LOVED by Katherine Patterson – both of those books evoked strong emotions from me.
9.Do you like your new writer life?Is it beautiful, or how much did your life changed from the moment you published your books? I do like my new life as a writer. It’s definitely polar opposite of teaching and has taken some getting used to. My time is my own, and I’ve had to create timelines and personal deadlines so I stay on task.
10.What advice do you have for teen writers? Read, read, read. Try writing styles on for size and write, write, write.
11.When is your birthday? And how old are you? November 8th, I’m feisty and fiercely loyal. Let’s just say I’m older than you ; )

12.What is your favorite quote?
It’s actually something I said, which is, “If you want it, make it happen.” I’m a firm believer in never giving up and doing everything humanly possible to make your dreams come true.
Thank you very much, you are incredible! What message do you have for your fans from Romania ? Thank YOU for this lovely interview, Criss. And to my Romanian fans: thank you for reading CRACKED! I hope you like EMPTY (releasing 1-1-13) just as much.