Abia astept:

Raise your hand if you miss your weekly dose of Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily. Now, raise both hands if you’re going completely and totally out of your mind without all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars to look forward to. Believe us when we tell you we’re right there with y’all, and are ourselves suffering from an affliction commonly referred to as “Liar withdrawal.” (Heck, it’s reached the point where we even miss the craziest creepers of them all — Jenna Marshall and Mona Vanderwaal.)
Luckily for us though, ABC Family isn’t keeping us 100% in the dark about Pretty Little Liars Season 3. From new promotional photos of Rosewood’s pretty ladies and handsome fellas to cryptic episode titles, they’re giving us scrumptious spoilers to snack on every day it seems. And, once again, they’ve rushed to rescue with a brand new set of set photos as well as a full synopsis for the season 3 premiere episode, “It Happened That Night!”
Dive into a fresh batch of episode stills from the Season 3 premiere below!